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Guntech running on the Atari VCS!

A few days ago I posted some photos of the Atari VCS dev kit I had just received and promised to post more as soon as Guntech is up and running on it.

General comments:

- Atari VCS is easy develop for. I use Unity, so making a build for the VCS happens by building for Linux, connecting to the dev kit using ssh, copying the file and running it.

- I can't comment on the performance in detail yet, but I'm positively surprised so far. For the most part Guntech runs 60 fps using the highest detail level. This is a promising start as I haven't done any device-specific profiling or optimization yet!

- The video included some stuff like games in the Atari VCS Vault but I cut those out before publishing it. I decided that I will limit sharing to the stuff I create, and will leave it for the others to showcase their own content.

- I am more than happy to answer questions. Please direct them to the YouTube video, or to the Atari VCS Fans Facebook group, or contact me directly. I have presence in other channels as well, but I don't actively monitor other places.

- I will post a follow-up video where I address all your questions!

I created a YouTube channel so that I can post this, and many more videos! Please subscribe!

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