Guntech 2 now available for Xbox, Steam and Atari VCS

For more information about Guntech 2, please see the product page here.

You can also grab a copy of the game for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One right here, or Windows, Mac and Linux in Steam.

Guntech 2 will be available for Nintendo Switch soon!

I have been making games for the past 30 years. I started off in the early 1990s on Atari ST. I grew up in Finland and I was one of the first game developers in the country. My first jobs in the game industry were at the Bloodhouse (later Housemarque) and Remedy. In 2000 I moved to Las Vegas to work at Westwood Studios, which at the time was the number one game studio in the world. I have been in a number of roles, from programmer to CTO and CEO, but what I really love is programming and designing games.

For more information about my current games, please check Utopos Games. To learn about my 30-year history as a game developer, please check out my blog post here.

The following video documentary by Atari Legend details the history of my first game, Utopos from 1990s until today!