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My background is in the Finnish "demo scene". That's how I learned how to code. In the early 90s, I was one of Finland's first professional game developers. It's now over 30 years since my first game was released so I guess I can be considered a veteran game maker. Click here to read my full history as a game developer.

I was born in Finland. During my life, I have lived in the USA, China, Switzerland, and for a while even in Singapore. The longest time I've lived in one place as an adult has been in my favorite city - Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently, I live in Austin, Texas with my wife and kids.

I am a co-founder, CEO, and CTO of Bitmagic. We're building a platform that allows anyone to create games by just saying what kind of game they'd like to play! 

I'm also the founder of Utopos Games, an indie studio focused on retro-style games. Utopos has some exciting projects coming out in 2023 and 2024, so stay tuned...

My latest indie game Guntech 2 was released in 2022 for Nintendo Switch (previously for PC, Xbox and Atari VCS).

Wen and Jani
Nelli and Jani
Jani and Michael Monroe
Jani and Tomi


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For promotional and business collaborations,  or for any personal questions, you can reach me here: firstname . lastname @ gmail .com, or drop me a line:

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